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Introducing SOVENTE JEWELRY: a daughter and father found, jewelry brand that is unlike anything you have seen before!

We believe in elevating the every day which is why we’ve designed + hand-sourced accessories that not only look good but guarantee the quality you’ve come to expect from our brand.

We value each of our customers, and to us is a second family! We strive to provide not only the best jewelry, but the best experience! 

For us, we don't just sell, we provide an experience full of love from the moment you make your selection, to when you first receive your jewelry and until ... well ... FOREVER!

Our jewelry is made to last you generations, and we hope you pass on your so special ring to your granddaughter one day, or to the future wife of your son, or just gift a special piece of jewelry to a special person in your life! 

SOVENTE JEWELRY simbolizes not only jewellery made with love, special moments and sparkly jewels, SOVENTE JEWELRY is about celebrating LIFE! 

If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at:

Or you can contact us, using our contact form HERE.


Join our JEWELRY family and celebrate life with us! #SOVENTEJEWELRY




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